Keeping you safe as we reopen

We are committed to keeping you safe when we reopen. Here's what to know to prepare for your arrival:

You won't have to touch pens, paper, or our credit card processor

The biggest thing we want to avoid is everyone's hands on things like pens, clipboards, computers, etc. So, you'll be asked to do our paperwork and office forms prior to your appointment. Our paperwork is not something you need to print- it's entirely electronic. You'll get specific instructions by email. If you won't be able to access a computer with internet before your appointment, please call us so we can do paperwork verbally ahead of time.

There will be no passing back and forth of cards upon check in and check out. We will have all insurance information squared away prior to your arrival and we will collect copays by text, or touchless pay such as Applepay if you have it.

We won't print out and hand you your prescription or receipt unless you ask for it. This will minimize passing things back and forth. We would be happy to email you an itemized receipt and your prescriptions are always available on the patient portal.

What about touching frames?

You sure can still try on frames. But we are asking that you don't put anything back on the frame board so we have the chance to sanitize them.

We also offer at-home try on if you'd prefer to shop online. We mail three frames to you to try for three days. Visit

Social distancing

Bring no more than one person with you to your appointment.

Wear a mask, and wear it properly- that's over the mouth AND nose. If you show up without a mask, you'll be given one. No exceptions.

Your appointment will be adequately spaced apart from other appointments on our schedule so that you will not be in contact with other patients. This means every visit needs an appointment-even things that we would normally consider walk-ins such as pick-ups and repairs. Always call ahead.

When we can't socially distance

There are a few times in an eye exam that we realistically can't be far apart. We have barriers up between Dr. Halpin and the patient during slit lamp examination (that's when we check the eye health), refraction (when we check your prescription), and pupillometry (when we measure the distance between the eyes). If there is ever a time Dr. Halpin needs to touch your eyelids, gloves will be worn.

Be courteous- please reschedule if you're sick

We will be taking temperatures at the door. If you are over 100.4F (CDC recommendations), you'll be asked to reschedule.

You'll also be asked if you've been diagnosed positive for COVID19 or been in contact with anyone positive in the last 14 days. If so, you'll be asked to reschedule.

How are we sanitizing?

In case you're curious, we are cleaning all chairs and surfaces with peroxide cleaner and/or Sani-cloth germicidal wipes. Staff will be wearing masks and scrubs.

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