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At Maltavista Optometry, we believe excellent eye care means going beyond getting you a great set of glassesIt means taking care of your eyes so you can have your best chances of good vision for life We pride ourselves in giving very thorough eye exams in a friendly, non-rushed setting.  We accept most insurances and are happy to help you understand your benefits.  At Maltavista Optometry, our focus is yours.

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* We do not participate with Medicaid, MVP Medicaid, Child Health Plus, CDPHP Essential Plan, CDPHP Medicaid, or Fidelis.  

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Meet our Team

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Dr. Alison Halpin is a graduate of Siena College and SUNY College of Optometry.  At SUNY she received the "MIRA-MED 20/20 Vision Award" for excellence in optometry.  She lives in Saratoga Springs with her husband Billy, 5-year-old daughter Finley, 2-year-old son Billy, and newborn Shane.  Alison enjoys reading, volunteering, skiing, and triathlons.  

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Apprentice Optician

Madison is a recent graduate of University at Albany with a degree in Human Biology. As the oldest of 4 siblings, Madison is especially passionate about pediatric optometric care.  You'll always find Madison with a smile and readiness to help.

Our team is growing! More photos coming soon. 

Membership Plans

  • I wear glasses and contacts. What should I wear to my appointment?
    It is best to wear your contacts to your appointment and bring your glasses with you to wear home.
  • ​I see glasses I like online. Can I get a prescription from you and use it to get glasses online? What about my PD (pupillary distance) measurement?
    Definitely. Your prescription legally belongs to you and you will leave your visit with a copy of it, PD included. We recommend keeping your prescription for your records and always taking it with you when you travel. However, we feel obligated to tell you to use caution when ordering glasses online. Many times prescriptions are inaccurate and safety standards aren't met.
  • I use eye drops regularly. Should I use them the day of my appointment, or leave my eyes alone for the doctor to examine?"
    It is best to continue your routine as usual. Use whatever eye drops you normally use.
  • I do not have any vision insurance. Can I still get an eye exam?
    Of course! Did you know that an eye exam can usually be billed to vision insurance OR medical insurance? We can help check your eligibility.
  • How often should I have my eyes examined?
    We recommend adults have an eye exams every 1-2 years, even if you don't currently wear glasses. Children should be examined around 6 months, and then as determined by the doctor. See this chart from the American Optometric Association
  • Will I be having my eyes dilated? What about driving home afterward?
    The short answer is: probably. Many people need to have their eyes dilated yearly but some can get away with every few years. It depends on many things including age, your prescription, and other risk factors for ocular diseases. When it comes to driving, most people feel comfortable driving with their pupils dilated because distance vision is about the same with sunglasses- its near vision that becomes blurry. So, if anything its the dashboard that may not look perfect. If you aren't sure if you'll feel safe driving home, don't find out the hard way. Bring a driver with you to your appointment.
  • What is included in the Maltavista Membership Plan?
    -One comprehensive eye exam per year -OCT Wellness Scan -Unlimited prescription re-checks and remakes throughout the year as needed -50% discount on any frame -One pair of digital single vision plastic or polycarbonate lenses with anti-reflective treatment -Digital progressive lenses with anti-reflective treatment for only $125 -All other lens add-ons at 40% discount -20% off all purchases of eyecare products at -40% off up to 2 additional complete pairs of glasses or prescription sunglasses anytime during the year
  • What if I wear contacts?
    The Maltavista Membership Plan + Contacts Includes: -All benefits included in the Maltavista Membership Plan -All contact lens fittings and follow ups for single vision, multifocal, monovision, or toric soft contact lenses -Insertion and removal training class if needed -Unlimited contact lens checks throughout the year as needed -$100 credit towards contact lenses -50% off one pair of non-prescription sunglasses
  • Why would I use this instead of vision insurance?
    The membership plans were constructed because of some major limitations we were finding with vision plans. Specifically, we feel the copays for lenses and lens add-ons are too high. As such, in order to get lenses of good quality, many of our patients still spend hundreds of dollars at check out for a pair of glasses even with insurance. Other major limitations of vision plans are that they sometimes only cover an exam every 24 months, which leaves many patients lacking proper care. Also, vision plans usually do not cover both glasses and contact lenses in the same year, forcing a contact lens wearer to sometimes pay for one of these entirely out-of-pocket.
  • What is the cost?
    The Maltavista Membership Plan is $23.99 per month and the Maltavista Membership Plan + Contacts is $31.99 per month.
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