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Rethink your Vision Plan in 2023

As the year end approaches, it may be time for you to enroll in insurance benefits for your family’s medical, dental, and vision coverage for the upcoming year. We’d like you to know that we still participate in most major vision and medical plans and would be happy to continue to take care of your family whether you decide to continue your current plan or choose another that we participate in.

We would also like to bring to your attention a new option available at our practice that may be appealing to you instead of vision insurance- and that is our membership plan. The membership plans were constructed because of some major limitations we were finding with vision plans. Specifically, we feel the copays for lenses and lens add-ons are too high. As such, in order to get lenses of good quality, many of our patients still spend hundreds of dollars at check out for a pair of glasses even with insurance.

Other major limitations of vision plans are that they sometimes only cover an exam every 24 months, which leaves many patients lacking proper care. Also, vision plans usually do not cover both glasses and contact lenses in the same year, forcing a contact lens wearer to sometimes pay for one of these entirely out-of-pocket. Additionally, vision plans typically do not cover an OCT wellness scan, which is a 3D imaging procedure which helps to detect glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. We feel it is important to include the latest technology as part of an eye exam for everyone, however without insurance coverage it has been cost-prohibitive for many.

In some cases when our patients do not have vision plans, we are able to bill comprehensive eye exams to medical insurance, but this also can be troublesome as we commonly encounter high deductibles and frequent denials.

For your consideration, please see details of the “Maltavista Membership Plan” and the

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