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5 Reasons to Purchase Contact Lenses From Your Doctor

We totally understand- the low prices on some websites are tempting. But there are several benefits from ordering contacts from us that you may not have realized.

1. We file your insurance claim for you.

If you have a contact lens benefit, don't let it go to waste! Did you know that sometimes even medical insurances have a certain dollar allowance to be used towards contacts? We can help you look into how much you are eligible for and file the claim for you.

2. Exclusive manufacturer rebates.

When you purchase a year's supply, the manufacturer gives a rebate. Sometimes it's hundreds of dollars. Between your insurance coverage and the rebates available, your out-of-pocket cost ends up being surprisingly low.

3. Free delivery to your home or workplace.

Gone are the days when ordering contacts from the doctor meant you had to stop by the office to pick them up. We ship them to your house at no charge.

4. Easy exchanges if your prescription changes.

It's important to us that you have something you can actually use. If your prescription changes before you run out, just bring unopened boxes back to us and we will order you the updated prescription.

5. 40% off non-prescription sunglasses.

Contact lenses mean you now have freedom to wear cool sunglasses this summer. We'd like to hook you up.

But the most important reason of all is: You are supporting small business! Thank you to all of our patients and customers!

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