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Three Pairs of Glasses Everyone Should Have

1. Everyday glasses with an anti-reflective treatment

These glasses are your workhorse. You depend on them every day and they essentially become part of your face. Are they up to date? Do you love the way they look on you? Do they feel comfortable? Do they have a good anti-reflective treatment to provide the best visual experience? The newest anti-reflective treatments are smudge resistant, scratch resistant, dust resistant, and water repellent and come with a 2 year warranty. Keep them up to date.

2. A great pair of sunglasses

Are good sunglasses actually better than a “cheap” pair? You might be surprised to know this: The FDA doesn’t require that sunglasses have a certain level of UV protection. That means unless you get sunglasses from a reputable source you might be buying a dark colored lenses that don’t really protect your eyes from UV. Good sunglasses provide protection for your eyes and also the delicate skin around them. Use your insurance benefit for a prescription pair.

3. Computer glasses

Computer glasses provide relief from digital eyestrain, protection against potentially harmful blue light, and sharper vision. Can you just get away with wearing your regular glasses on the computer? Yes, probably. But when you spend many hours per day on the computer, its better to have a designated pair. One study found that blue-violet light between 415-455 nm has a phototoxic effect on retinal cells. This blue light is found in sunlight naturally and also largely from our computer and cell phone screens. On computers blue light flickers more than other wavelengths leading to eyestrain and fatigue. Computer glasses contain blue blockers which decrease exposure to blue light. The prescription is designed to relax the eyes when working at computer distance.

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